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Are you looking for the perfect surprise for a special person?

Imagine the amazing feeling someone gets after opening a personalized gift box. Providing this unique emotion is what motivates us at Momentum.

That's why we create and personalize beautiful gift boxes and handmade satin roses bouquet boxes.

Our goal is to help you bring a smile to someone's face and make them feel happy and delighted.

Be inspired by Momentum and let us help you spread joy through the art of gift-giving!

About Momentum Gift Shop

Momentum Gift Shop was created as part of my 50th birthday wishes, with a desire to learn new things, combine talents, creativity, and take on new challenges, while also innovating.

The concept of Momentum is not just an entrepreneurship, but a way to spread happiness and well-being to both myself and my customers through the art of gift-giving.

After teaching my mother language in Finland for over two decades, I fell in love with the language of flowers - floriography, especially roses. Every flower holds a unique meaning, often based on its type and color.

If you want to know more about my story, take a look at my new passion "Handmade satin roses" and you will feel the language of my heart.

You are welcome to visit!



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